Travelog New Zealand 2017 | From Kuala Lumpur to Auckland

I had a long dream of traveling in New Zealand. I wanted to experience the beauty of NZ's canvas by myself, exhilarating thrill of nature up close. And my hubby had commit to bring me and our famiy to NZ. But, of 'coz to avoid the risks, he might well has taken solo in the past. 

Hence, the trip was planned 6 month earlier and we managed grab Air Asia's promo tickets on October 2016 with just RM 2k (per pax) return ticket KL-Auckland-KL.  The normal ticket is RM 3K, so RM 2K was considered pretty cheap. A holiday to Oceania;s country was an experience of a lifetime. We departed from KLIA2 at 10 pm on March 14, 2017. The total hour on board was 16 hours. The flight was transit an hour at Gold Coast International Airport.
At KLIA 2 

Upon arrival at Gold Coast International Airport, everybody has required to bring all their belongings together for custom's check. If not, any left item will be disposed. At first, we have to que for nearly 30 - 40 minutes for custom's checking. So no liquid were allowed except for baby's liquid like milk, water (inside baby's bottle) and baby's food. Then, we have to que again for about 15 minutes at departure gate to get on board. So, we only have less than 10 minutes to take a short break at Gold Coast Airport. So in total almost one hour has gone just for queing. At this time, i thought it was good if i could brought my baby's pram on board, but i can't. Was thinking to get a GB Pockit Stroller maybe. huhuhu

Long que at Gold Coast Airport

 At departure hall, Gold Coast Airport 

16 hours of our total journey was absolutely tiring. We had our delicious nasi lemak on board, while FL was sleeping all the way long.

 Spending time inside the flight with colouring activity

 At custom's checking upon arrival. All the foods brought to New Zealand must be declared. 
You can read it the rules and conditions of bringing foods to NZ, HERE. 

Upon arrival at 5 pm, all of us visibly exhaled, excited squeals accompanied the first sighting of surrounding of Auckland Airport. We were welcomed by the phase 'Kia Ora' - the Maori phase which means 'Selamat Datang'. 

It took us for nearly 1 hour to manage the car rental. To grab the car that u alrady booked, head over to Visitor Information Counter - ISite. All the info has been provided there, including the car rental service. At Auckland International Airport, there is no specific counter for the car rental company. So upon arrival, head up to Isite and call the car rental company informing them that you are ready to pick your car up. Then, somebody will fetch you at the airport and bring you to the office to pick up the car. There are several phones provided at ISite You can make a call throughout New Zealand without any single charge. 

All airport across New Zealand provided a free wifi services for just 45 minutes. So, you can use it without any single charge. Use it wisely as the intenet rate in NZ is quite pricey.

Then, we started our journey by driving to Rotorua. The journey took about 3 hours and the sky already turns dark. So we cant enjoy the scenary all the way long. 😢😢😢😢😢

At 10 pm, we arrived home, located at the heart of Rotorua. You can read about it HERE. We only had maggi for our first dinner that night. Then, ZZZZzzz ZZzzz..

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For the whole NZ's travelogue , you can read it HERE. 

So, Ok, enjoy your reading ya.. Thank you! 


  1. woah..nanti sambung lagi kak DP!sabar jelah kerenah kastam Aussie dan NZ ni. singgah sekejap pun kena check luggage.

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  4. Teringin nak day hopefully impian tercapai

    1. InshaAllah haida.. Satu hari annti dpt pergi juga

  5. waa.. bestnye.. behave btol mamat hensem tu.. hee~ kalau anak acik dah dibuat padang bola sepak dah kapal terbang tu..

    1. Hehehe atie. Itu bukan mamat la. Dia girl.. Hehehe. Ramai org confius. Hihi

  6. seronoknya :) ...entry2 DP ttg NZ best2 ...

    1. Thank you mrs pip. Nanti sy sambung lagi cerita nz

  7. what a great trip kot.
    new zealand yg cantik.


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