I graduated in Town and Regional Planning from UiTM and just received my PhD scroll in Urban Planning on November 2019 from UPM, Malaysia.

Studying and being a Town Planner helps me to think like a PLANNER – where everything needs to be planned and everything must be orderly and organized in their own space. For example like planning a school – the school must be located in or close to a neighbourhood area, highly accessible by road but within walking distance. It cannot be allocated nearby an industrial area. Same goes when planning  to build a shopping mall. A shopping mall cannot be designated nearby factory or on the river reserve because both places are considered as environmentally sensitive areas (ESA) where physical development is prohibited in ESA.

With line of thinking - where everything should be placed in their designated space, it drives me to love planning and organizing. I do love the order and beauty of the well-organized spaces I saw around me. Being a town planner, I’ve learnt to have a back-up plan or alternative option in doing things, because our plan may not work according to the plan due to many factors.

Since my undergraduate studies at the university, I started to use a planner or organizer to plan and organize my work, my daily task, my assignment, my weekly and monthly goal and also to jot down what the things that I have to buy or what books that I’ve to read. Anything that comes across my mind, I will jot it down in my planner. l also started to read books on organizing things, since my uni days.

When l resigned from my job as a professional town planner in the government agency around 2013, l do have lots of free time for myself and l choose to watch decluttering and organization videos in Youtube to fulfil my free time. 

And started from there, l came to know about Marie Kondo – the famous organizer from Japan. Since then, l started following her closely and watch all her videos, that makes me so obsessed with storage and organizing related stuff.

 I started LuvSusun two months ago because I wanna share the ideas and the beauty of organizing with everyone especially with fellow Malaysian because I believe everyone deserved to have a beautiful and organized home even though we are not born to be an organized person. Hence, with my knowledge in organizing and arrangement, I want to help others to transform their cluttered homes into spaces of beauty, peace, happiness and inspiring.


Please do Follow and LIKE LuvSusun (@luvsusun) to be more confident, be motivated and to get more ideas on how to transform your home into a well-organized and beautiful space. Together we share the ideas and experience on decluttering, storage and organizing. You will feel your whole world brighten after organizing and everyone will amaze with you on how you transform your home, including your guest, your sibling, your friends and not forgotten your mother in law too =)).

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Hye Everyone =))

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  1. wah menarik, cuma tak sempat nak susun atur sekemas, kemasnya jika sibuk bekerja..if ada maid maybe okay

  2. Memnag best nmapak susun2 macam ni.. Tapi tu la.. Nak kene beli tu guna duit tu semua.. Hehe