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My baby already turns 6 months. Thus,she already starts her weaning journey. First solid that I gave her was apple fuji puree. Soo sweet and she loves it so much. At first, I put 2 table spoon per serving, and just one serving per day. This portion continue for a week. After a week, the portions add to 5 table spoon per serving and two serving per day.

I gave apple puree (home made solid food ok, made it by myself), for 4 days. Means that, my baby ate the saMe food for 4 days. I folllowed "4 days rules". You can googled about it. It all to see the allergic reactions on each food that your baby had taken and normally the allergic will show up in these 4 days.

Then after finish apple puree, I made carrot puree, then pear, avocado, sweet potato and barley. It seems that my baby dont like pear , avocado and barley at all. She loves apple and sweet potato more than anything but still can get in with the carrot.

Sweet potato Puree. I put in the ice's container and freeze it

Apple puree 

A place where I put my baby's spoon. Bought This at Daiso

Ini bekas makanan & minum Leena. Bekas makanan and sudu tu aku beli kat AeonBig, RM 5 jer. And bekas minum tu dari jenama tomee tipee. At first I used one spoon only, but Leena wants to hold the spoon by herself and I have to get another one for me

My baby turns 6 months old

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She already 6 months old on last  December 11, 2014. 1st phase of baby's development already complete with glory. The glourious journey that I think a quite challenging. Right now, she already can turn herself around and move around in our house. She do like playing around and seating under the table. I do love seeing she grow up in front of my eyes each day. Even I still trying to manage my life coping with study and motherhood, I still loves the way she "talk", smile, "jumping", "walking", playing and drinking.
My breast feeding journey was not easy as I thought before. So tough that need a passion into the highest level. huh! My milk supply was not maintain each day. Up side down like a roller coaster. Sometimes up, sometimes down. In the early months old, she refused bittle feeding at all. She only want to drink with me (direct feeding). I've tried few bottles such as from brand avent, tommee tipee, pigeon, mam and lastly, she want mam's bottle after a few trial. Banyak gak la duit habis beli botol. Lastly she want it because she stayed with baby sitter and she has no choice beside drinking from the bottle. 

During my breast feeding journey, i also caught a fever and it afffect my milk supply. Too hard to get back to normal again. I have to do 'power pumping' every single day for almost 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, then it back normal again. 2 weeks adalah masa yang lama tau..And the most challenging one was when I facing with 'nursing strike'.  So, every single day I learned a lot how to make my milk supply maintain. Hopefully I could do it until she turns 2 years old.
And for sure, it means that her weaning journey begin. Seronoknyee mummy =))

Everywhere she go nowdays, she will bring along her pillow. Senang nak landing. But this is not her bantal busuk 'coz this pillow will left at home when we going out and she didn't look for it at all
Her favourite place now days

Her 1st har cut on June 11th, 2014. Sebab rambut panjang sangat tutup mata. Mummy and dddy rimas tengok..


Ini maksudnya nak tidur (bila pakai pacifier).
Trip :  Melbourne, Australia - 23 - 27 Oktober 2014

Excited sangat nak travel dengan Leena. ALmaklumla, it will be the first time Leena fly by air plane.. a little bit nervous.. but I do hope everything would be fine. Most hoping Leena do not cry on the plane. Thus, to make sure everything would ok, I always check out the internet studying about tips, do's, and dont's for flying with baby. Alhamdulillah, I got it and uncle google plays his role very well.

I am the one who always do packing-ing at last minutes time. But , I will go shopping or looking for the necessity as early as I can. So, once the ticket and the date has been confirmed , I start doing my packing list, fikir apa nak bawak. So, if that things doesnt had yet, I have to buy it somewhere else. For the first time Leena is traveling, for sure everything "must -be-new" (even buy a second hand's stuff, it consider as a new one for me ). Thus, I had to buy her sweater, shoes, socks, pacifier, glove, and new cloth. All these, I bought from Mothercare.

 Check-In Time
Inside the baby room at KLIA 2
Departure Hall of  KLIA 2
I was thinking to get a pack of Mamypoko disposable diapers as it is the most comfortable brand so far. So, half of my luggage full with diapers.. huhu..( nasib baik pampers ni tak dibawa balik ke malaysia semula selepas tu).. then, mix with her stuff and my stuff, for sure 1 bag was not enough. So, I had to bring 2 luggage. One for check-in inside airplane and another one will be my cabin bag. I have to leave my storksak at home (waaaa..waaa) because it does not fit with my hand carry stuff , storksak's space so tiny that cant get much of my stuff inside it. So I have to bring my superb trusted backpack - "offsprey 24 liter".. This offsprey had been my trusted travel partner  since 2 years ago. And today, it act as my diapers bag  during this trip. Overall, 2 bag for hand carry - my offsprey & my cabin's luggage and 1 bag for check-in luggage.
This is  my offsprey backpack
While getting to take-off, It was necessary to nurse your baby or bottle feeding or even give him/her pacifier. It a MUST ok. By hook or by crook, u have to do it. This is bacuse to balance the air pressure inside her ear due to the difference of air and height pressure . But if your baby sleep during take-off and landing, u dont have to worry at all.

Lucky, Leena want to drink her trusted delicious milk  from me once she get into aircraft, and just right in time, she slept. So during take-off, she was sleeping and woke up after we already having our lunch inside the plane. Alhamdulillah.

Nursing time. I'm using my handmade nursing cover. Made by myself =))

She's sleeping after drinking
Then, we straight away brought her to the restroom to change her nappy, then nursing again. After that, she just playing around with me and her daddy. And that thing keep on repeating until the flight was landed. That the routine inside the flight and well done, Leena doesn't cried at all. And the neighbours who stayed around us, everybody said that she is a good girl.. Yezzzaaa... Leena already make her first step for being an avid traveler like mummy and daddy.

After the flight landed, for sure the first thing we had to get off from the plane and moving to immigration counter. And yet, with an international trip, the stroller/push-chair doesn't provide at the plane's door, we have to take it at the baggage department together with our luggage. Of course, we have to walk through by holding your baby from plane till the baggage department and it's very far away. Thus, the carrier or snuggle really does make sense to bring your baby all the long.

She's sleeping inside the bassinet. I booked a seat at the hot-seat, thus, I do get a baby's bassinet to place my baby while she's sleeping

Happy baby going for vacation at Melbourne, Aussie

In the phase of "Nursing Strike"

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Last week, my baby demam. Berjangkit dari umah babysitter. Actually sorang je demam at first, tapi semua baby berjangkit. Biasalah, baby kan antibody tak kuat lagi. So, my baby is one of them. But lucky, she's not admiited. Anyhow, two of these babies got admitted into ward due to high fever.

She only caught fever for one day. Alhamdulillah. But, after all, the next day when she is in normal (room) temperature, she dont want to feed at all, even by direct feeding or bottle feeding as well. Too bad and so sad. Sedih sangat sangat.. Mummy miss "that time"... Mummy miss Leena so much.. I was scared. Scared if she caught a disease or dehydrated and scared if this is the time "to wean off". Oh No NO.. A big NO! ok!.. I'm not ready yet to wean her off from breast feeding.

I bought her to see doctor, and doctor did check-up and it seems everything ok and she was in normal situation even not dehydrated at all and very active baby. Thus, doc's said that she was in the "nursing strike".

Nursing strike is the phase when your baby refuse to feed at all even by direct feeding or bottle as well. Syukur, Alhamdulillah, she want to drink milk by using spoon or syringe. Alhamdulillah. It happened so sudden and i was shocked. I googled, and they said that normally nursing strike would not prolong. It just took about 24 hours or maybe could drag untill 48 hours. However, during nursing strike, the mummies had to be patience and give full efforts of trying to nurse. THey said, that mummies had to do "skin to skin" contact like the 1st day when baby was borned (to get him/her in the mood). If not, baby will wean off that time. Thus, i did it, and it works very well.  Even, it not works immediately but i still can smile from ear to ear on the next morning. It takes time also..

While in that phase, i have to express my milk. Thus, that ebm (express breast milk), i cant keep it as a stock because i want to feed her using bottle. However, she not drink it. So, after expired (after 4 hours in room temperature), i have to throw it away. So sad for being seen that milk had to let go..

Nevertheless, it gave me a new experience. And this was the toughest episode that i had to face in my breast feeding journey. Alhamdulillah, syukur, Allah still gives me strength to face all this challenge and Leena is my powerhouse. I find my vigor in her.. Thanks Allah..

Ini sahaja ebm yang dapat diselamat untuk dibuat stock =((