Trip :  Melbourne, Australia - 23 - 27 Oktober 2014

Excited sangat nak travel dengan Leena. ALmaklumla, it will be the first time Leena fly by air plane.. a little bit nervous.. but I do hope everything would be fine. Most hoping Leena do not cry on the plane. Thus, to make sure everything would ok, I always check out the internet studying about tips, do's, and dont's for flying with baby. Alhamdulillah, I got it and uncle google plays his role very well.

I am the one who always do packing-ing at last minutes time. But , I will go shopping or looking for the necessity as early as I can. So, once the ticket and the date has been confirmed , I start doing my packing list, fikir apa nak bawak. So, if that things doesnt had yet, I have to buy it somewhere else. For the first time Leena is traveling, for sure everything "must -be-new" (even buy a second hand's stuff, it consider as a new one for me ). Thus, I had to buy her sweater, shoes, socks, pacifier, glove, and new cloth. All these, I bought from Mothercare.

 Check-In Time
Inside the baby room at KLIA 2
Departure Hall of  KLIA 2
I was thinking to get a pack of Mamypoko disposable diapers as it is the most comfortable brand so far. So, half of my luggage full with diapers.. huhu..( nasib baik pampers ni tak dibawa balik ke malaysia semula selepas tu).. then, mix with her stuff and my stuff, for sure 1 bag was not enough. So, I had to bring 2 luggage. One for check-in inside airplane and another one will be my cabin bag. I have to leave my storksak at home (waaaa..waaa) because it does not fit with my hand carry stuff , storksak's space so tiny that cant get much of my stuff inside it. So I have to bring my superb trusted backpack - "offsprey 24 liter".. This offsprey had been my trusted travel partner  since 2 years ago. And today, it act as my diapers bag  during this trip. Overall, 2 bag for hand carry - my offsprey & my cabin's luggage and 1 bag for check-in luggage.
This is  my offsprey backpack
While getting to take-off, It was necessary to nurse your baby or bottle feeding or even give him/her pacifier. It a MUST ok. By hook or by crook, u have to do it. This is bacuse to balance the air pressure inside her ear due to the difference of air and height pressure . But if your baby sleep during take-off and landing, u dont have to worry at all.

Lucky, Leena want to drink her trusted delicious milk  from me once she get into aircraft, and just right in time, she slept. So during take-off, she was sleeping and woke up after we already having our lunch inside the plane. Alhamdulillah.

Nursing time. I'm using my handmade nursing cover. Made by myself =))

She's sleeping after drinking
Then, we straight away brought her to the restroom to change her nappy, then nursing again. After that, she just playing around with me and her daddy. And that thing keep on repeating until the flight was landed. That the routine inside the flight and well done, Leena doesn't cried at all. And the neighbours who stayed around us, everybody said that she is a good girl.. Yezzzaaa... Leena already make her first step for being an avid traveler like mummy and daddy.

After the flight landed, for sure the first thing we had to get off from the plane and moving to immigration counter. And yet, with an international trip, the stroller/push-chair doesn't provide at the plane's door, we have to take it at the baggage department together with our luggage. Of course, we have to walk through by holding your baby from plane till the baggage department and it's very far away. Thus, the carrier or snuggle really does make sense to bring your baby all the long.

She's sleeping inside the bassinet. I booked a seat at the hot-seat, thus, I do get a baby's bassinet to place my baby while she's sleeping

Happy baby going for vacation at Melbourne, Aussie

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  1. such a smooth journey with baby, such a relief kan? :))

    Salam kenal...Jemput singgah BLOG saya. Ada tips dan peluang bisnes part time dan macam2 lagi :)

  2. Seronoknya, FL. Kecik2 dah travel jauh2. Baik perangai dia tak meragam dalam flight :)

    1. kene ajar jadi traveler sejak kecik lagi. hahaha

  3. Leena didn't cry at all? Lucky mommy so lucky 😊

  4. Must remember to get a snuggle for travelling! Thanks for sharing thise tips!