In the phase of "Nursing Strike"

in , by dorsett pink, December 09, 2014

Last week, my baby demam. Berjangkit dari umah babysitter. Actually sorang je demam at first, tapi semua baby berjangkit. Biasalah, baby kan antibody tak kuat lagi. So, my baby is one of them. But lucky, she's not admiited. Anyhow, two of these babies got admitted into ward due to high fever.

She only caught fever for one day. Alhamdulillah. But, after all, the next day when she is in normal (room) temperature, she dont want to feed at all, even by direct feeding or bottle feeding as well. Too bad and so sad. Sedih sangat sangat.. Mummy miss "that time"... Mummy miss Leena so much.. I was scared. Scared if she caught a disease or dehydrated and scared if this is the time "to wean off". Oh No NO.. A big NO! ok!.. I'm not ready yet to wean her off from breast feeding.

I bought her to see doctor, and doctor did check-up and it seems everything ok and she was in normal situation even not dehydrated at all and very active baby. Thus, doc's said that she was in the "nursing strike".

Nursing strike is the phase when your baby refuse to feed at all even by direct feeding or bottle as well. Syukur, Alhamdulillah, she want to drink milk by using spoon or syringe. Alhamdulillah. It happened so sudden and i was shocked. I googled, and they said that normally nursing strike would not prolong. It just took about 24 hours or maybe could drag untill 48 hours. However, during nursing strike, the mummies had to be patience and give full efforts of trying to nurse. THey said, that mummies had to do "skin to skin" contact like the 1st day when baby was borned (to get him/her in the mood). If not, baby will wean off that time. Thus, i did it, and it works very well.  Even, it not works immediately but i still can smile from ear to ear on the next morning. It takes time also..

While in that phase, i have to express my milk. Thus, that ebm (express breast milk), i cant keep it as a stock because i want to feed her using bottle. However, she not drink it. So, after expired (after 4 hours in room temperature), i have to throw it away. So sad for being seen that milk had to let go..

Nevertheless, it gave me a new experience. And this was the toughest episode that i had to face in my breast feeding journey. Alhamdulillah, syukur, Allah still gives me strength to face all this challenge and Leena is my powerhouse. I find my vigor in her.. Thanks Allah..

Ini sahaja ebm yang dapat diselamat untuk dibuat stock =((

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  1. Semoga perjalanan bf Intan akan terus lancar dari hari ke hari :)
    Hari ni saya baru tahu mengenai nursing strike.

  2. I pun baru tau about nursing strike... Rasanya it happened once to my baby tapi masa tu tak ada knowledge pasal ni... Kena banyak membaca.. hu.