My Pregnancy Book

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Once i knew that myself preggy, i straight away drove my car to MPH Alamanda to find pregnancy's book which could be my ultimate guidance. For me as a "fuzzy" person, it was not easy as makan kacang to look for it. Of cause i want something worth it, worth it for money as well as for knowledge it serve.

And at the end, i found out this magnificent book that really worth for every single penny i spent. This book does help me a lot to give me knowledge, info and everything i need to know about pregnancy and labour as well as it give you direction on baby's development after entering his/her new world.

Alhamdulillah, i was not regret and its highly recommended. I can truly say that this is "A-MUST-HAVE-STUFF" for your lovely pregnancy. =))

 Book's tittle "Pregnancy : Your Questions Answered". Written by Dr.Christoph Lees (O&G consultant at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge) & Ms.Graine McCartan (General nurse & Midwife/Bidan in London). Cost about RM 81.60.

Preganancy - Placenta Previa

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When i was pregnant, my placenta was situated at a lower segment inside my womb but the lower edge does not reach the cervix yet. That time (when gynea discover it) I was pregnant about 20 weeks, so it means about 5 months. But, the gynea said, "its nothing", however, just be careful and dont carry heavy things.
inside our womb

Worry??? For sure, i very worried about that . "How could my doc said its nothing ", my heart's whisper. So, i started panas punggung, duduk tak diam macam kucing nak beranak sebab risau sangat-sangat. I dont want give birth with c-sect, i want to do it in normal way plus this is my first birth. For sure i want to deliver my baby in normal birth. If i get c-sect, the chance for me to have many kids will slightly down. huhuhu..

Thus, i start googling, do i have any chance to give birth in normal way. As usual, uncle google will give his full commitment. Actually, there are 4 level / types of placenta previa. Level 1 and 2, considered not serious and could be give birth with normal but Level 3 and 4, MUST give birth with c-sect, u have no choice if your previa down to Level 3 or Level 4.

 However, if your pregnancy not reach at 28 weeks yet, it not consider as "previa". The "previa" only can be confirmed when your pregnancy has reach by 28 weeks. If you are detected got "previa" by week 28th, your gynea will give more attention to U and some cases, they need to have a bed rest at the hospital, waiting for the "real" labour.. huhuhu. (mahu panas punggung duk hospital lelama).

So, my case is still considered "selamat" as it was at Level 1 or known as "Low-Lying Placenta". Anyhow, i still worried. Uncle google told me that there are few exercise that i can practice to make everything get into normal like others.

So, i did these exercise everyday and it helps me a lot as my placenta get back to upper segment at 24 weeks. Alhamdulillah.. God The Merciful help me a lot. What are these exercise ??

1. Sujud lama-lama when you perform your solat.
More solat u do, its more chance for you to get well. This is because, when u sujud, your baby & blood at your womb would also moving up side down.

2. You laying down on bed , and straighten both of your legs up to the wall like "L" shape.
This is to make the placenta moving to upper segment.

3. Always do talking with your baby
Anyhow, your baby is the key factor to play his/her role in the womb. U cant do it by your own if your baby does not support you. So, take this as a chance to get your baby hear your "voice" and interact with his mother. Talk to him/her that you need their help.. InshaAllah, your baby will help u a lot as he/she loves u as u did.. Believe me!

4. Last but not least - DOA
Dont forget the power of doa.

** Every exercise stated, i did it very well and Alhamdulillah, it works... Thanx Allah swt =))

My Pregnancy Story - Part 2

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I chose Europe for "our" trip this time. "Our" coz there were "3" of us.. My babymoon really enjoyable.  We went to Amsterdam, Vienna & Istanbul for about 10 days. Later I will story about that trip & some of the story I alreday wrote at my previous blog. 

Meal on board via Malaysia Airlines

My babymoon goes well but there was a time where the blood came out from my venus, and I was very sure that it caused by hemorrhoids due to a long walk (ye lah.. nama pun travel, so mana boleh duduk diam ).. this time, it wasnt painful, Alhamdulillah. However, traveling during pregnancy was a little bit tough coz I've to be careful  at all the time & I always "pee-ing" at least for every 30 minutes. So, jenuh la nak cari toilet bila "waktu itu" datang. In fact, every toilet entry in EU Country, u need to pay 0.50 euro for every visit. 0.50 euro is almost RM 2 if convert.  Same like KLCC'S toilet at level 2. It was really costly. A week after went back to Malaysia,  again we went for babymoon to Cameron Highland. Fantastic!

My medication on the go

My "bekal" during lunch at the park

Toilet's ticket. Masuk toilet pun ade tiket tau

So, my 6th month pregnancy fully occupied with traveling due this is the best time to walk around. 3rd trimester was not encourage to do it so as 3rd trimester is a time to get rest as the labour is just around the corner. But, please remember tht you have to walk a lot bile dah nak dekat-dekat bersalin, maybe late 8 months or 9 months could be nice.

My 3rd trimester going well & I can cook & even did my house chores (buat yang ringan ringan je, others I let my husband did it).. Start last trimester ni jugak la baru shopping barang2 baby & my confinement stuff as well. I spent my 3rd trimester with my study. I did my research as much as I can before delivery. 

I thought everything went smooth till my delivery,  however, it was not happened as I expected. My hemorrhoids did came again in 9th months when I nearly get myself into labour... huh!! I told ya, the pain that I gain was very hurt and I cannot cope with it and this "thing" prolong untill my confinement.. huhuhuhu...
during antenatal class at Annur Hospital
goodies during antenatal class. sangat banyak ok..tak rugi pergi. hehe

breast feeding's book & baby's development book. all of these are free!

last but not least, this was me when 9 months preggy =))

The Pregnant Story - Part 1

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I got married on December 2012... 6th month later, I was pregnant. However, God knows well... I was miscarriage when he/she was 10 weeks in my womb... No words could describe the sadness that my hubby & I felt that time. I expect that the hing happened because i walk up the staircase from ground level till 4th level. huhu (memang menyesal tak sudah ). But we just a human being & we knew that everything Allah swt "give & take", there is a hikmah besides every single little thing.. He knows the best for us...

Thus, after 3 months later, we got a " superbly" great news.. I was pregnant when my baby was 2 months in my tummy.. How great it was & that thing make both of us keep smiling all night long.. Same like 1st pregnancy, my 2nd pregnancy,I still vonsult with Dr. Khamsiah from AnNur Specialist Hospital, Bandar Baru Bangi. Alhamdulillah, I was so happy could having her. She is the best gynea for me... Alhamdulillah, Allah swt mempertemukan aku dengan dia.

my gurl in the womb through 4d scan
As we already had a bad experience before this, thus this time we were really careful in every single little thing that i done even what i ate. My husband very particular about that as we dont want it happen again for the 2nd time. At the same, my pregnancy came with a bad vomit chronicle. 

So, i was not doing any hard work even cooking. Five months felt like five years. huh! I vomited for 2 times per day, morning and night and between that time i just laying on the bad as well as i would get dizzy when i stand up. Even i cannot sat on the sofa or chairs, it made me dizzy. So, i just lay down and surfed internet through my phone, surfing for the pregnancy info as well as for labour preparation and breastfeeding. Alhamdulillah, it gain my knowledge too.

The 2nd worst part about my pregnancy this time, i was not even can stand up & seat down but also i cant ate rice and other food. huhu (too bad , right). I just can ate biscuits, bread, and a few type of fruits such as guava & apple. Every time i tried to eat rice or other food (except for those i already mention), i will vomit it back..huh! It was really though to face it all that time.

It took five months to settle my the chronicle. I thought everything would be fine after all my dizziness move away and i can get back to my normal daily routine. Unfortunately, my thought was not in line with what had happened.

nyawa Ph.D ku sepi kutinggalkan buat seketika..

I suffering from hemorrhoids after that. huhu..  Sakit tahap gaban wooo... It was really painful and i can not stand it anymore. I told ya, i cant seat down , i cant walk properly, i cannot stand up for a long time (10 minutes also considered too long ok) and even laying down also get me pain. Thus, it took me to meet a specialist a.k.a general surgeon. I been treated by Dr. Suib Ismail at KPJ Ampang Puteri. After that, i had to suffe again for about two weeks more. Going to toilet was really horror. (Sob..sob..). Back of from toilet, definitely I would undergo with the hemorrhoids pain by crying. Crying was my "only pain killer". Again, I felt 2 weeks was like 5 years... huhu.. Every single day, I kept on crying especially after poo-poo. And I also perform my solat sambil duduk..

Thereafter, I can had a big smile on my face... So,its time for TRAVEL hence travelling was the ultimate thing that I always looking forward.. 

when I was at 6 months preggy

Welcome Notes

by dorsett pink, September 04, 2014
Assalamualaikum wbt..

First of all, hye everybody..
This is my 1st post via dorsettpink.
Before this i already had my own blog called However, i think wanna write a new blog sharing my new life coping with motherhood and traveling. Currently only one kid, but later on, the number will increase. hehe....

If u are my followers before this, sure u know that I'm very obsessed with travel.. Traveling is part of my life and being my passion. I would stress if I' m not going anywhere. Even traveling domestically, it's already enough to keep me smiling all night long..

Therefore, I will write about my travel story in this blog, and how I'm gonna face with my new life as a mother.. I became a mum 3 months ago on June 11th, 2014. As a new mum, it was not an easy task and everyday is a learning day.. A quite challenge ya.. and for da' new mother like me, I had gone through many new things as time goes by...

I do hope u will enjoy reading my story and hope this sharing could help u as well.. =))