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in , by dorsett pink, September 20, 2014
When i was pregnant, my placenta was situated at a lower segment inside my womb but the lower edge does not reach the cervix yet. That time (when gynea discover it) I was pregnant about 20 weeks, so it means about 5 months. But, the gynea said, "its nothing", however, just be careful and dont carry heavy things.
inside our womb

Worry??? For sure, i very worried about that . "How could my doc said its nothing ", my heart's whisper. So, i started panas punggung, duduk tak diam macam kucing nak beranak sebab risau sangat-sangat. I dont want give birth with c-sect, i want to do it in normal way plus this is my first birth. For sure i want to deliver my baby in normal birth. If i get c-sect, the chance for me to have many kids will slightly down. huhuhu..

Thus, i start googling, do i have any chance to give birth in normal way. As usual, uncle google will give his full commitment. Actually, there are 4 level / types of placenta previa. Level 1 and 2, considered not serious and could be give birth with normal but Level 3 and 4, MUST give birth with c-sect, u have no choice if your previa down to Level 3 or Level 4.

 However, if your pregnancy not reach at 28 weeks yet, it not consider as "previa". The "previa" only can be confirmed when your pregnancy has reach by 28 weeks. If you are detected got "previa" by week 28th, your gynea will give more attention to U and some cases, they need to have a bed rest at the hospital, waiting for the "real" labour.. huhuhu. (mahu panas punggung duk hospital lelama).

So, my case is still considered "selamat" as it was at Level 1 or known as "Low-Lying Placenta". Anyhow, i still worried. Uncle google told me that there are few exercise that i can practice to make everything get into normal like others.

So, i did these exercise everyday and it helps me a lot as my placenta get back to upper segment at 24 weeks. Alhamdulillah.. God The Merciful help me a lot. What are these exercise ??

1. Sujud lama-lama when you perform your solat.
More solat u do, its more chance for you to get well. This is because, when u sujud, your baby & blood at your womb would also moving up side down.

2. You laying down on bed , and straighten both of your legs up to the wall like "L" shape.
This is to make the placenta moving to upper segment.

3. Always do talking with your baby
Anyhow, your baby is the key factor to play his/her role in the womb. U cant do it by your own if your baby does not support you. So, take this as a chance to get your baby hear your "voice" and interact with his mother. Talk to him/her that you need their help.. InshaAllah, your baby will help u a lot as he/she loves u as u did.. Believe me!

4. Last but not least - DOA
Dont forget the power of doa.

** Every exercise stated, i did it very well and Alhamdulillah, it works... Thanx Allah swt =))

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