My Pregnancy Story - Part 2

in , by dorsett pink, September 20, 2014

I chose Europe for "our" trip this time. "Our" coz there were "3" of us.. My babymoon really enjoyable.  We went to Amsterdam, Vienna & Istanbul for about 10 days. Later I will story about that trip & some of the story I alreday wrote at my previous blog. 

Meal on board via Malaysia Airlines

My babymoon goes well but there was a time where the blood came out from my venus, and I was very sure that it caused by hemorrhoids due to a long walk (ye lah.. nama pun travel, so mana boleh duduk diam ).. this time, it wasnt painful, Alhamdulillah. However, traveling during pregnancy was a little bit tough coz I've to be careful  at all the time & I always "pee-ing" at least for every 30 minutes. So, jenuh la nak cari toilet bila "waktu itu" datang. In fact, every toilet entry in EU Country, u need to pay 0.50 euro for every visit. 0.50 euro is almost RM 2 if convert.  Same like KLCC'S toilet at level 2. It was really costly. A week after went back to Malaysia,  again we went for babymoon to Cameron Highland. Fantastic!

My medication on the go

My "bekal" during lunch at the park

Toilet's ticket. Masuk toilet pun ade tiket tau

So, my 6th month pregnancy fully occupied with traveling due this is the best time to walk around. 3rd trimester was not encourage to do it so as 3rd trimester is a time to get rest as the labour is just around the corner. But, please remember tht you have to walk a lot bile dah nak dekat-dekat bersalin, maybe late 8 months or 9 months could be nice.

My 3rd trimester going well & I can cook & even did my house chores (buat yang ringan ringan je, others I let my husband did it).. Start last trimester ni jugak la baru shopping barang2 baby & my confinement stuff as well. I spent my 3rd trimester with my study. I did my research as much as I can before delivery. 

I thought everything went smooth till my delivery,  however, it was not happened as I expected. My hemorrhoids did came again in 9th months when I nearly get myself into labour... huh!! I told ya, the pain that I gain was very hurt and I cannot cope with it and this "thing" prolong untill my confinement.. huhuhuhu...
during antenatal class at Annur Hospital
goodies during antenatal class. sangat banyak ok..tak rugi pergi. hehe

breast feeding's book & baby's development book. all of these are free!

last but not least, this was me when 9 months preggy =))
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