The Pregnant Story - Part 1

in , by dorsett pink, September 15, 2014
I got married on December 2012... 6th month later, I was pregnant. However, God knows well... I was miscarriage when he/she was 10 weeks in my womb... No words could describe the sadness that my hubby & I felt that time. I expect that the hing happened because i walk up the staircase from ground level till 4th level. huhu (memang menyesal tak sudah ). But we just a human being & we knew that everything Allah swt "give & take", there is a hikmah besides every single little thing.. He knows the best for us...

Thus, after 3 months later, we got a " superbly" great news.. I was pregnant when my baby was 2 months in my tummy.. How great it was & that thing make both of us keep smiling all night long.. Same like 1st pregnancy, my 2nd pregnancy,I still vonsult with Dr. Khamsiah from AnNur Specialist Hospital, Bandar Baru Bangi. Alhamdulillah, I was so happy could having her. She is the best gynea for me... Alhamdulillah, Allah swt mempertemukan aku dengan dia.

my gurl in the womb through 4d scan
As we already had a bad experience before this, thus this time we were really careful in every single little thing that i done even what i ate. My husband very particular about that as we dont want it happen again for the 2nd time. At the same, my pregnancy came with a bad vomit chronicle. 

So, i was not doing any hard work even cooking. Five months felt like five years. huh! I vomited for 2 times per day, morning and night and between that time i just laying on the bad as well as i would get dizzy when i stand up. Even i cannot sat on the sofa or chairs, it made me dizzy. So, i just lay down and surfed internet through my phone, surfing for the pregnancy info as well as for labour preparation and breastfeeding. Alhamdulillah, it gain my knowledge too.

The 2nd worst part about my pregnancy this time, i was not even can stand up & seat down but also i cant ate rice and other food. huhu (too bad , right). I just can ate biscuits, bread, and a few type of fruits such as guava & apple. Every time i tried to eat rice or other food (except for those i already mention), i will vomit it back..huh! It was really though to face it all that time.

It took five months to settle my the chronicle. I thought everything would be fine after all my dizziness move away and i can get back to my normal daily routine. Unfortunately, my thought was not in line with what had happened.

nyawa Ph.D ku sepi kutinggalkan buat seketika..

I suffering from hemorrhoids after that. huhu..  Sakit tahap gaban wooo... It was really painful and i can not stand it anymore. I told ya, i cant seat down , i cant walk properly, i cannot stand up for a long time (10 minutes also considered too long ok) and even laying down also get me pain. Thus, it took me to meet a specialist a.k.a general surgeon. I been treated by Dr. Suib Ismail at KPJ Ampang Puteri. After that, i had to suffe again for about two weeks more. Going to toilet was really horror. (Sob..sob..). Back of from toilet, definitely I would undergo with the hemorrhoids pain by crying. Crying was my "only pain killer". Again, I felt 2 weeks was like 5 years... huhu.. Every single day, I kept on crying especially after poo-poo. And I also perform my solat sambil duduk..

Thereafter, I can had a big smile on my face... So,its time for TRAVEL hence travelling was the ultimate thing that I always looking forward.. 

when I was at 6 months preggy
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  1. Ah seronoknya travel! Yup... A lot of people did say during the first trimester agak teruk sikit.