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by dorsett pink, September 04, 2014
Assalamualaikum wbt..

First of all, hye everybody..
This is my 1st post via dorsettpink.
Before this i already had my own blog called lavenderbackpacker.blogspot.my. However, i think wanna write a new blog sharing my new life coping with motherhood and traveling. Currently only one kid, but later on, the number will increase. hehe....

If u are my followers before this, sure u know that I'm very obsessed with travel.. Traveling is part of my life and being my passion. I would stress if I' m not going anywhere. Even traveling domestically, it's already enough to keep me smiling all night long..

Therefore, I will write about my travel story in this blog, and how I'm gonna face with my new life as a mother.. I became a mum 3 months ago on June 11th, 2014. As a new mum, it was not an easy task and everyday is a learning day.. A quite challenge ya.. and for da' new mother like me, I had gone through many new things as time goes by...

I do hope u will enjoy reading my story and hope this sharing could help u as well.. =))

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