My baby turns 6 months old

in , by dorsett pink, December 18, 2014
She already 6 months old on last  December 11, 2014. 1st phase of baby's development already complete with glory. The glourious journey that I think a quite challenging. Right now, she already can turn herself around and move around in our house. She do like playing around and seating under the table. I do love seeing she grow up in front of my eyes each day. Even I still trying to manage my life coping with study and motherhood, I still loves the way she "talk", smile, "jumping", "walking", playing and drinking.
My breast feeding journey was not easy as I thought before. So tough that need a passion into the highest level. huh! My milk supply was not maintain each day. Up side down like a roller coaster. Sometimes up, sometimes down. In the early months old, she refused bittle feeding at all. She only want to drink with me (direct feeding). I've tried few bottles such as from brand avent, tommee tipee, pigeon, mam and lastly, she want mam's bottle after a few trial. Banyak gak la duit habis beli botol. Lastly she want it because she stayed with baby sitter and she has no choice beside drinking from the bottle. 

During my breast feeding journey, i also caught a fever and it afffect my milk supply. Too hard to get back to normal again. I have to do 'power pumping' every single day for almost 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, then it back normal again. 2 weeks adalah masa yang lama tau..And the most challenging one was when I facing with 'nursing strike'.  So, every single day I learned a lot how to make my milk supply maintain. Hopefully I could do it until she turns 2 years old.
And for sure, it means that her weaning journey begin. Seronoknyee mummy =))

Everywhere she go nowdays, she will bring along her pillow. Senang nak landing. But this is not her bantal busuk 'coz this pillow will left at home when we going out and she didn't look for it at all
Her favourite place now days

Her 1st har cut on June 11th, 2014. Sebab rambut panjang sangat tutup mata. Mummy and dddy rimas tengok..


Ini maksudnya nak tidur (bila pakai pacifier).
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  1. hi.. saya jaln2 dr blog saya . Jemput singgah....

    Comey anak kamu, tp nmpak mcm boy sb rambut dia begitu pendek..heehehe

  2. Norsalihah.. terima kasih sbb sudi singgah sini=))

  3. Terhibur tgk aksi2 FL kat sini :)
    Rambut cacak dlm first pic tu mahal!

    1. yezzza... memang mahal tu.. skrang dah tak ade dah rambut pacak-pacak. hehe