PHD :: My 2nd Draft Thesis

by - Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I already got a feedback of my 1st draft with lot of comments... and I already expect it will be full with conteng-conteng here & there.. Like Firuz said, second draft would be more tougher and challenging..huhu.. I just pray for the best of my health to The Almighty.  May Allah swt gives me strength to walk through this journey till i reach at the destination.

My SV (supervisor)  ask for the final copy of my thesis at the end of December... So I only have 1 month ++  to go...
😭😭 So, it's time to freeze - no more hanky panky , no more chillin, no more lepak-lepak, no more cook, no more house chores,no more for everything, it's only time for thesis-thesis-thesis till vomit.. 

I already told my husband that i woould not cook till January 2017. hehe ('coz i take too much time for cooking). And he agreed!. Alhamdulillah, Allah swt gave me someone who can tolerate and understand me very well. I do pray to Allah swt for granting him with joy , happiness and rizq. 

Additionally, i dont have enough time to blog and blogwalking as well.. huhu.. Too bad!  I am so sorry guys. But, InshaAllah, if i do have a free time, i will visit you k. So, do not hesitate to keep following me and leave your comments at the comment's box. I do appreciate your effort and that tiny things would make my heart grew bigger and keep me smiling all day long. Believe me.. U guys really rock my day.

Thank you so much!

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  2. best of luck :) take ur time DP :)

  3. all the best dp!!! sikit lg tu!

  4. Hanya insan terpilih je yang mampu buat PHD ni..Salah seorangnya awak le.. Tahniah! Saya memang tak boleh ngadap2 tesis2 ni.. Nak buat assignment pun bercinta..Cukup la sampai Degree je

  5. Ada nampak kat ur IG... apa2 pon... pelan pelan kayuh...

  6. Intan..utamakan dulu ur walking tu bila ada masa terluang baru jln2 cari pasal hehehe

  7. all the shaa Allah u can do it