Hemorrhoid During Pregnancy

in , by dorsett pink, November 15, 2014

Hemorrhoid is common during pregnancy but I never thought that I will suffer during pregnancy. Hemorrhoid is the vascular structures in the anal canal that become piles when swollen. And when it swollen , it very hurt and painful.

I started had hemorrhoid when my pregnancy reach the fifth months. That was happened when I was at my home town in Terengganu. One week I've been in Terengganu, but I started got the hemorrhoid just 3-4 days before going back to KL. I thought it happened because of the water (i guess so).

If  i'm in my house in KL , I not use the water from the pipeline then boil it. I means the source of the water come from the pipe. But, I will used the mineral water or drinking water that I get it from drinking water machine (20 cent for every 1 liter). Then when I touch down in KL,  straight away going to KPJ Ampang Puteri to see the specialist. I met Dr Suib Ismail, that I already set the appointment with him earlier. My husband drove the car that time. I tell ya, when I walk up at the KLIA arrival hall from flight door going to the luggage pick up area, it was like !@#%%&^*&^(*&). I cant imagine how painful it was. So, I have to walk slowly, and every time when I reach the toilet, I went into the toilet just for take a rest. And the worst part, I cant sat down on the seat and every cannot lied down. I only can sleep if I lied down on my side.

Why I met Dr. Suib? I asked Uncle Google about the women surgeon in Malaysia, unlikely, there are no women surgeon in Malaysia. The Gleneagles Hospital got one but she is specialize in breast surgery or plastic surgery. huhu.. So, by hook or by crook, I have to meet the male doctor.

I met DR Suib if accompanied by my husband. When I met him, he tried to move the piles inside the anal canal by using his hand and he said that my case was in Level 2 (hemorrhoid has 4 level). When everything has been done, I must seat on the wheelchair and someone has to pull me. oowwhh, I cant imagine how it felt, super duper sakit when I seating down, I cannot walk because scared that pile will come out again as it does not get back to its normal size yet. Doctor gave me few medication, 1 for eating and another one is just for external use only which I have to put it at the pain's area.

For about 2 weeks, I had suffered with the pain. I cant walk, cant sat down, cant lied down.. huhu.. (nangis tak berlagu).. And the worst part which is super duper triper sakit (sakit macam rasa nak terjun bangunan je), when every time I have to go the toilet and plash out something from my bowel.. huhu.. Lepas keluar toilet, mengerang kesakitan kat atas katil macam orang nak beranak for about 30 minutes.. Only God know the pain , I means the real pain. How u feel when u are heading to labour room for your laboring process, that's what I felt when I suffered from hemorrhoid..

Then after 2 weeks, the swollen already gone and the piles already get back to its normal size and normal position inside the anal, the pain also gone. Alhamdulillah. Then, I met the doctor again and he said , its already ok but he asked me to do "rubber ligation".

I did the "rubber ligation" after 3 months  later. Because before that, I was travelled to EU country. During my trip, I don't felt the pain but I had a bleeding from my anal canal. Maybe because I walk a lot.

Everything when smooth and I though that my hemorrhoid already gone. But, definitely I was wrong. The hemorrhoid did came back when I was pregnant 9 months. This time, I did not know how it happened and why.. But again, the pain I felt that time was the same how I felt before )cannot sat down, cannot walk, cannot lied down).. huhuhu.. 

Again, I have to met specialist. It was 10th June 2014. However, Dr Suib was not around, and I have to see Dato' Dr Abdullah Taha. Dr Abdullah was very a kind person, very soft spoken person. and he trat me very well. He said that the piles did come out again because my baby already engage and she push herself going down into the birth canal, and of course at the same time the anal canal would felt the force as well ,and straight away push the piles out.
Dr Abdullah said I cant did the operation that time because of pregnancy, only after confinement it could be done. During my labour, i could felt the pain of 2 area, in front and the back but the contraction was strong so it hide the pain of my back.

But, after the labour finish, Ya Allah! super duper sakit.. sakit sangat-sangat. tambah pulak tak boleh duduk.. and nak menyusu pun tak boleh..so, i have to breastfeed in sleeping position. Alhamdulillah my baby manage to drink my milk..

During confinement, i was suffered with hermerroids. Too bad because i still cannot seat down.And at the same time, i also felt the pain of the episotomy at my birth door.. Double pain.. But lucky, aku langsung tak sembelit masa confinement. Seriusly, confinement period was my nightmare.. huhuhhu
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