my labour story - part 2

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June 10th, 2014

I admited into ward at 5 pm.
10.00 pm, the induction began. The medication "prostin" has been given by gynea (by inserting into vagina). Doc said , "after 3 hours a midwife will come visit you to see the progress. If no progress after 3 hours, she will come on the next morning (around subuh) to put on the 2nd dose. If I feel the contraction in every 3 minutes,  please call a nurse".

However, in just one hour, I already felt the contraction. Slowly it became harder and harder.. huh! In one hour, I felt the contraction in every one minute.  For sure, it was very hard and I cant cope with it. I asked the nurse on duty to call the midwife. And yet, she brought a ctg machine to monitor my contraction. (I told u, It took about 20 minutes for ctg came to my room as she told that ctg machines has been used by other patience that time.  Huh! A very bad system ). After finished (about 30 minutes later), I asked her to call a midwife, but Dr Khamsiah arrived by herself at my door step.

She did a V.E and said my cervix already dilated about 3cm. I asked for a pain relief  (for sure I want an epidural). Of 'coz, gynea recommended it without no objection. Thus, I had been transfered to labor room as an epidural would be given at the labor room by an anaesthetist. The lowest dose for epidural was 8 and the highest/strongest was 16. For my case, anaesthetist gave me 12 because I still felt the pain by 10. After that, I felt no pain at all and I can made a big smile from ear to ear.. so, doc & nurse asked me to get sleep but I cant do that. I knew it's hard for me to get sleep for the first night if I changed the sleeping place. Huhu.. 

At 4 am, the pitocin (to facilitate birth or in other words, to influence the dilatation) had been given to me. At 5.30 am, Dr.Khamsiah came to break my water bag & that time my cervix already dilate about 7 cm. At the same time, Doc told me that my baby already poo poo in the womb.. huhu.. but doc said, i still have a chance to give normal delivery as she will try her best .
7 am, midwife came to ke to give breakfast. She said i have to eat even a small bite as i need an energy to push the baby very soon. At 8.30 am, I felt like period pain and i called midwife. She came & saw that my baby already at the 'door', just waiting to go out. For sure that time my cervix already full opening at 10cm. 

Straight away,They started to prepare for my birth and after 3 times of pushing, i can see my cute baby girl =)).  Immediately,  my tears falling down. I do not know how I felt that time (when the 1st time saw my baby's face). She laid down on my chest (skin to skin). Maybe 1 word could describe -"TERHARU".. It was really a nice moment that I think every mother would feel the same as what I feel. 

Fresh from tummy - my beautiful little princess move in to the a new beautiful world.
Only God knows how i felt this time. Nothing sweeter  than being a mother =))

After all, the nurse took my baby to wash and tagging and dad need to azan and 'tahnik'. While my gynea did an episiotomy to me and collect my stem cell (blood and cord) for stem cell banking through Cyro Cord Company.  

1 hour later, midwife came towards me brought my baby together asked me to nurse my baby. Alhamdulillah, she did well. However, subsequently,  I felt I want to vomit & nurse put a bowl because I still cant stand up and walk to the toilet. She said that was normal situation when epidural was taken out. Then, I was sent to the ward..  And Another "episode" began.....

NUR FARAH LEENA - dad's and mum's choc latte 

The Meaning of NUR FARAH LEENA - Cahaya Kegembiraan & Kelembutan
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  1. Assalamualaikum.. Allah. cute sangat your baby girl. teringat saat dalam labour room masa tengah sakit contraction. semua tu gone bila dapat tengok wajah anak. hehehe. ehh i dah letak your link blog to my bloglist (pregnant mom 14-15) hehehe... senang nak usha blog bila ada new entry :)

    1. Sheila ; wassalam.. tq puji my baby.. hehe.. I think semya baby cute kan? Anugerah Allah yg sangat beharga .. tq for following me=))

  2. Awh.. Alhamdulillah, kan :) Betul, bila tengok muka baby rasa macam hilang semua yang sakit sebelum tu :)