Apa yang best pasal LOMBOK

in , , by dorsett pink, October 27, 2016
Ok .. Recently i went to Lombok for a short vacay with my girlfriend.
Just me and her..
FL & my hubby tak ikut.
They stayed in KL, 'coz this time i just wanna spend my time with my girlfriend...
(All married women, have this feeling aite - wanna had "a me time")..

Regarding on my thesis, i'm in the writting phase right now and it is a quite tough...
Sometimes, u are stuck in front of your laptop & do not know what to do ..
You're blur and none of the idea came into your head..
So, whenever u face this kind of situation, it is a call time for you to have a vacation.
So, that's what i do for the past 3 year.
And this time, LOMBOK is my choice.

By the way, from my view, Lombok is not quite suitable for the kids like FL..
Nak bawak kids boleh, tapi tak boleh pergi ke tempat-tempat yang scenary die super awesome... Some tempat kena hiking.. Even warga emas yang sakit lutut or uzur pun tak sesuai pergi..

Lombok is incredibly amazing!! Sangat cantik!
Worth every single penny of your money for being here..

So, here a bit teaser of Lombok...


Apa yang best pasal Lombok?

1. Scenary dia sangat-sangat marvelous! Sumpah cantik giler!

2. Makanan dia sedap & murah.

3. Banyak masjid, so senang nak jumpa makanan halal.

4. Lombok's people sangat baik, jujur & peramah.

5. Tempat dia bersih

6. And paling best, langsung tak ada traffic jem & tak crowded..

Itu je mukadimah untuk trip Lombok ni..
Cerita penuh nanti aku cerita kemudian k...
Stay tuned!
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  1. wow!nice...
    selalu dengar org kata lombok ni laut nya cantik dan pemandangannya pun cantik..
    maybe one day...:)

  2. Wow.....kena masuk dalam list holiday ni haha

  3. Tak sabar tgu anak2 ni besar sikit. Nak honeymoon babymoon jahahahha