She Is A Makeup Lover

in , by dorsett pink, November 06, 2017
FL skrang dah umur 3 tahun5 bulan. Next year, she will turn 4 years old.

Sekarang ni aku perasan FL suka sangat dengan mekap. Habis mekap aku dia kebas..huhuhu.. So, mommy has a reason to pau her daddy for a new makeup set.. hehehe..

Dulu, FL ni suka sangat dengan mainan Boys macam suka main dengan cars, main dengan spiderman (aku ada update pasal tu KAT SINI) dan suka aktiviti lasak (i'm OK with it sebab aku pun suka aktiviti lasak). I'm also OK with her toys preference as long as it doesnt hurt her. Let she discover the world by herself.

Dan jugak Aku pulak tak adalah insist nak sangat dia pakai PINK or everything must be PINK since she is a girl. NO! Even she is a girl, i'm not prefer everything must be in PINK COLOUR.. For me, a rainbow colour is more colourful and would make our day more cheerful. hehhe.. 

But yet, she loves PINK so much.... and when we going out for shopping looking for her stuff, definetely she would take something pink, or if not, something that are close to pink, so it could be purple.. hehe.. 

Currently, everytime when we wanna going out, she will pick the cloth up by herself. She already know which one clothing for outing and which one is for home basis..So, most of the time, i've no objection with her choice because definetely she will choose something in PINK.. But sometimes, no pinky is available, so she has to choose other colour....hehe ..

And now, i think she already more to gurlysh.. and no more boy's toys as curently she loves to play with baby doll, cooking, baking and loves to play with all girl's thingy especially COSMETIC.

But mommy is facing a problem..I have to share these make up with her.. huhuhuhu. I already bought her a cosmetic-toys, from Toys' R' Us but she refuse it.. She said, that one is a fake one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ...
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  1. amboi FL pakai sephora ye..hehe

  2. Cute anak awak..Tapi biasanya kalau budak2,mostly mesti pilih pink kalo nak baju ke apa.. wah, pandai da pakai gincu hehehe !