Stuck in Flood

in , by dorsett pink, January 01, 2015
Last two weeks (on Sunday), my family and I went back to our home town in Kemaman , Terengganu. The weather was nice and our ride going smoothly. But, the rain started falling down when we reach Jabor at East Coast Highway (near by Kuantan). We try to take an exit at  The rain was heavy it didnt stop untill we safely arrived in Kemaman. It still raining that time and continue from day by day, doesn't stop at all.

On Tuesday, Kemaman already begin to flood and on wednesday, the electricity for the whole district were turned off. So, we have to stay in without no electric supply.Lucky, Our house doesnt affected by flood. Only no electric supply. So, we just stay together in one roof spent time of pkaying Sahiba & saudina together. No tv, no hp, no fan, no aircond and just living with the candles. Somehow, we can still have a delicious meal because our stove still working and the gas could be enough for a month and also we did prepared stock of foods in our kitchen.

Like last year, no electric and water supply for almost 5 days. Alhamdullillah, this year flood is not bad like last year and the electricity turns on 2 days later.

However, I cant going back to KL as soon as possible due to flood and no accessibility to/from KL. The East Coast Highway had to closed fir traffic due to flood. Too bad.. This is the terrible year so far in terms of flood. Thus, we tried to go vack to KL by using alternarive road, and it takes almost 13 hours to arrive at our lovely house.. Even the journey seems too far and too long but we happy could going back into our normal routine..

Ni gambar kat area rumah kami

Ni belakang rumah kami

We dont have accessibility. Only walks and boat could access with others

See. We still can eat delicious meal coz our stove still working

We played sahiba and saidina every day

Ini pun kawasan belakang rumah

A nice memory to remember=)) and it teached me to be more grateful of what we have now days..
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  1. Salam intan....

    Lama tak baca blog intan tau2 anak dah 6bulan hehe...

    Thanks drop by kat blog kt...kt follow blog ni plak :)

  2. Itu nasi hujan panas kan nama dia? Kan? Kan? He He He...

  3. Di kampung tu dah selesai mengemas lepas banjir ke, DP?

    1. Farrah.. alhamdulillah, dah selesai

    2. Moga musim tengkujuh tahun ni tak seteruk tahun lepas,..