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Assalamualaikum wbt..
I'm entering my third year of my phd journey. Actually, my academic year will start on September, but September just around the corner. Thus, my final year path has just started.. It means that, I only have a year to go for my PHD research.. The deadline to submit my PHD thesis to the university will be on September 5, 2016. The date is killing me..
Of course many PHD candidate finished their PHD exceed than 3 years, some has done it within 4 years and 5 years.. But I want (try my best) to finish it on time.. I want to graduate on time (GOT).. So ambitious?? I don't think so 'coz many of my friends has did it within 3 years. And the same thing goes to my husband. My husband finished his PHD at the New Castle University after 3 years struggling  with his research..
The time is kicking and I only have 1 year left ... Thus, I have to plan for my work.. Fail to plan, means that plan to fail.. Hence, I've set up a goal and organize my research work for the upcoming 12 months. I've to be more productive 'coz every single second is really worth..

How I organized my research work :

1. Plan a task / work for every month.
2. Put a deadline for every task.
3. Start with 30 minutes of quality work (research work) everyday.
4. Contact / meet the supervisor frequently, and tell him about my progress.
5. Work (writing) for imperfect because nobody is perfect , and don't be a perfectionist.
6. Write consistently & regularly in small increment.

In spite of all, please enjoy yourself such as having a date with your gf/bf/bff, go for a movie, exercise (jogging, swimming etc), travelling, vacation, baking or do anything else that makes you happy.. Remember, don't stress yourself !

This is an example of mine...
A plan for upcoming 12 months....
I am an "old school" one,
 so writing and drawing on a paper is more preferable than put everything in the laptop.
On the other hand, this is tips for being productive :
I got this one from Ustazah Pilihan Firuz's blog as she is also doing a phd like me and also entering her third year.. Thank you Firuz for your sharing.. It is useful to others..
Last but not least, for those  who are in your postgraduate world,  don't give up and enjoy yourself for whatever u are doing.. Be organized and keep motivated every single day. InshaAllah, Allah will ease your journey..
TQ for reading everybody !
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  1. thank you for this entry, saya baru di tahun pertama. dan baru melahirkan anak. entry ni sangat membantu saya yang jadual tunggang langgang ni

  2. Useful tips! Saya doakan Intan berjaya harungi tahun akhir Intan dengan cemerlang.

    P/s Dah terima hadiah kiriman Intan kelmarin. Thanks so much! Terharu saya dibuatnya.

    1. Tq Farrah for your wish..

      Alhamdulillah barang dah sampai, lega saya

  3. dah lama xmenyinggah kt sini....pekabo DP?? hehehehe

    1. Khaba baik Deanna. Tu la, kite pun lama x melawat Deanna kat umah... Rindu kat Deanna. Hehe

  4. sy pun sama...suka nk tulis2 ....old school pun old scholl la kan...jnji kita selesa dgn cara kita...heheheh

    1. Saya pun tak kisah old school begini. Lagi feel bila nak buat plans/reminders :)

    2. Kan.. Lagi feel kan.. Boleh conteng2

    3. memang lagi feel! seronok kan conteng2 ni :)

  5. useful tips indeed...saya yg baru nak masuk sem2 ni pun dah berdebar-debar..apatah lagi yg dah 3rd year..goodluck intan...awak buat bidang apa?

  6. Good Luck dear..May ur PHD journey will run smoothly and u'll grad on time!InsyaALLAH..

  7. tips yang bagus.. salam perkenalan dari Eyda..

    jemput singgah

    1. Salam kenal eyda. Nanti kite visit blog eyda k