Hari ni hujan....... - suatu kisah mak & anak

in , , by dorsett pink, August 30, 2016
It was a heavy rain this morning like cat and dog..
my umbrella was in the car , there is no one left in the house..
i'm leaving at apartment, so there is no cover from the lift to the car park.... huhu.. so sad..

So,by the time we gonna going out ,
i was looking around try to find something that i can cover our heads (my baby & i),
and yet suddenly, my baby came to me and showed the kopiah (used to be a cap) on her head...
and said "rain, rain mummy" while she put her hand on her head, trying to tell me that we must cover our head.. WoW! my eyes opened widely , never thought that my baby is smarter than me....

Then, she asked me to take another kopiah, (our house is full of kopiah as daddy always wore it to perform his solat) ... Wow (again..) ! She is so brilliant, even though she just turned 2 on last June..

Then, we went to the car using a rain cover while the kopiah was still on her head..
And when we reached at school, she wore it again as the rain didnt stop yet, and this make her teacher so surprise..

How bless i am....

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  1. Jalan² petang sambil singgah sini...:)
    clever girl...

  2. Jalan² petang sambil singgah sini...:)
    clever girl...

  3. Alolo.....sure terharu mommykan tengok macamana otak anak anak berhubung.
    Alhamsulilah dikurniakan anak yg comel dan sihat tubuh badankan DP